The Coral Reef Innovation Hub and Ghana Academy of Arts and Sciences held their maiden #EdTechAccra Info Session and Policy Hackathon in Ghana’s capital, Accra.

The one-day event was held at the Ghana Academy of Arts and Sciences (GAAS) and drew participants from several stakeholders within the education sector.

In his opening remarks, the CEO of Coral Reef Innovation Hub, Mr. Richard Osei-Anim reiterated the company’s focus on Education 4.0 which he said is the desired approach to learning that aligns itself with the emerging fourth industrial revolution bordering on the deployment of smart classes, robotics, world-class content, and capacity building for educators.

This was followed by an address by the President of GAAS, Emeritus Prof. Kofi Sefa-Dedeh who highlighted the importance of the partnership with Coral Reef in enhancing quality education in the country.

The EdTech info session and policy hackathon, Chaired by Prof Kingsley Paul Buah-Bassuah of the Ghana Academy of Arts and Sciences (GAAS) consisted of a number of sessions including; engagements about the prevailing policy on educational technologies, and discussion with regards to the challenges and solutions associated with integrated educational technologies.

Coral Reef Innovation Hub also highlighted a bouquet of Edtech solutions including, e-libraries, smart class/school, and makers spaces for effective teaching and learning to improve education outcomes.

During the program, participants highlighted localized content development, capacity building for teachers and education managers, access to cheaper options in localized and mobile infrastructure as well as innovative financing for accessing the solutions as the main issues of concern.

In view of the engaging nature of the program with experiential learning, policy hackathon and info session on educational technology solutions, participants shared insights on the prospects, challenges, and ideas with regards to integrating educational technologies to improve outcomes.

GAAS Vice President, Emerita Prof Isabela Akyinbah Quakyi highlighted some areas of focus to ensure momentum is maintained through the following;

  1. Building capacity of educators and school managers on Edtech solutions to enhance educational outcomes
  2. Explore inclusivity funding opportunities with the Ghana Academy of Arts and Sciences (GAAS) to promote access to educational technologies by public schools in less endowed areas of the country
  3. Development of locally relevant content for schools and innovative lesson activities that can be accessed via schools across the country.
  4. Engagement with the Ministry of Education and other stakeholders to address coordination, capacity building and investment challenges with regards to implementing policy on Edtech effectively.

Coral Reef Innovation Hub and the Ghana Academy of Arts and Sciences signed an MoU in September, 2021 to work collaboratively to enhance educational outcomes through deployment of quality content, capacity building and deployment of solutions, with a clarion call on for no student to be left behind.

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