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An Accra High Court on December 2, 2021, ordered Ghanaian socialite Mona Gucci to compensate Yvonne Nelson with GH500,000 for making defamatory claims about her.

The genesis of the woes of Mona Gucci was when she went on Neat FM in May 2020 and made several allegations about Yvonne Nelson. She insisted that the actress was a slay queen who had been sleeping with big men who sponsor her lavish lifestyle.

“Yvonne doesn’t show off, but she is a slay because you know what being a slay queen entails, we have both showing off and some contacts and people who we know that the things you do and the lifestyle you exhibit, someone is paying for you behind the scenes,” she had said.

After she made those bold comments, she was dragged to court by Yvonne Nelson who found the allegations quite demeaning and derogatory.

Although Mona Gucci was advised to apologize and retract her statement, she brazenly dared Yvonne Nelson to meet her in court if she felt there was no iota of truth in what she said.

Lo and behold, Yvonne Nelson sued Mona Gucci which has eventually resulted in her being asked by the court to pay a whopping GH¢500,000 to the actress.

According to, the Court presided over by Justice John Eugene Nyante Nyandu has summoned Mona Gucci to pay Yvonne GH500,000. She has also been asked to apologize to the actress for her defamation.

According to the website, Mona Gucci, who now works as a presenter for Onau TV, has been restrained from making any further derogatory remarks about the Princess Tyra actress.

According to the court, Mona Gucci had been playing hide and seek when she was summoned which had resulted in the whopping amount she has been asked to pay.

Excerpts of the court document read:

“On the 13?‘ July 2020 the Plaintiff/Applicant herein caused a writ of summons and statement claim to be issued against the defendant praying for the reliefs set out in the statement of claim and the endorsement on the writ of summons. My Lord, it became necessary to serve the processes by substituted service due to the evasiveness of the defendant.

That on the 8th June 2021 an order for substituted service was granted. That my Lord will notice from the docket that the defendant was served by an Affidavit of Posting dated the 8th of July, 2021. That a search dated 13th of October, 2021 shows that the defendant has made no response to the suit. That accordingly with the rules, we, therefore, pray this court for an order for Judgment in Default of Appearance. Respectfully submitted.

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