A Defense and Security analyst, Dr Prosper Nii Nortey Addo has asked the Ghana Police Service to invite the Military to assist in the fight against crimes in Ghana if they are overwhelmed.

Dr Nortey said on the Key Points on TV3 Saturday June 19 that the military have the ability to provide enormous support to the Police to tackle criminals in the country.

Although he admits that the involvement of the military is the last option, if the Police are unable to protect tye lives of the people against criminals, then they have no option but to seek help from the military.

‘If the police is overwhelming they can invite the military to come in,” he told host of the programme Abena Tabi.

He was commenting on the killing of a police officer in a robbery attack on a bullion van in Jamestwon, earlier this week.

Dr Nortey also believed that the Police will be able to do a good job if the right people are recruited into the service, and also if they are well resourced.

“Let us not say the police are incompetent,” he said adding that they are well trained but they should be resourced to work.

For his part, Chief Executive Officer of the Institute for Security Disaster and Emergency Studies, Dr Ismael Norman has blamed the recent robbery cases in the country on joblessness and general unfairness in the country.

He said the increase in criminal activities has nothing to do with unresolved crimes.

This follows “the situation of unemployment in the country, general unfairness and inequities in the country,” he  said.

He added “I don’t think unresolved crimes have anything to do with why we are having an upsurge in crime , the youth want to be happy, the you to have jobs. The youth want to have a lifestyle that other people who are well situated are having. They don’t see that and so they are revolting.”

By Laud Nartey/

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