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Enjoyment Minister Desmond Kwesi Blackmore known by his stage name D-Black has shared an epic throwback photo of himself and the Hiplife Grand Papa Reggie Rockstone.

The picture is aimed at recounting his hustling days when he chose to do music. The hip-hop and Afrobeat musician and entrepreneur shared the picture with the public to reveal that he 17years ago begged Reggie (who was then the Megastar) to listen to his demo.

In the photo, the now well to do Record Label owner and rapper, D-Black was standing outside the car (window area) beside Reggie who was swagged up and seated in the car posing for the camera.

Take a look at the picture: Get motivated by this, your time will come.

After soo, many years, the 34 years old rapper has held on to his dream of becoming a popular name in Music not only in Ghana but across the world.

D-Black in May 2019 was described by Forbes Africa in their issue as one of Ghana’s most successful music moguls and a creative in the numbers game.

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