SPRINGFIELD, TN (WSMV) – A new student caught everyone by surprise at a Robertson County elementary school Tuesday morning, except it wasn’t a person – it was a deer. 

The big buck crashed through an emergency exit at Westside Elementary School, locking itself inside a classroom overnight. Kaleb Stratton, a game warden with the Tennessee Wildlife Resource Agency, was able to escort the buck back into the wild. 

Deer in classroom

“It’s not what I expected when I walked in,” Stratton said. “Once I found out it was a buck and I saw it in the classroom I said, ‘this is going to be hard.’”

Stratton says right now is mating season for deer, so the buck was likely in pursuit of a doe when it busted into the school. It may have also seen it’s reflection in the glass and thought it was another buck. 

Officer Kaleb Stratton with deer

“[Deer] are just running crazy [right now] and it’s not just in Robertson County, it’s all over the state of Tennessee,” Stratton said. 

The buck that broke into Westside overturned a few tables and chairs but otherwise was unharmed. School administrators made sure all students were safely inside before Stratton coaxed the deer back outdoors where it took off back into the wild. 

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