The launch of ‘Mr. Pee Pee: Kojo Brown Visits Land of Pie’, the maiden book for children by Dennis Mann, founder of Wide Reading Among Kids (WRAK) took place on Saturday 10th April 2021 at The Dreamer’s Hub in North Legon.

What was only a dream two years ago became a reality after undergoing mentoring from the renowned Ghanaian writer, Author Ralph.

Author Ralph

“I love children and believe they have colorful minds to dream and imagine endless possibilities. Encouraging them to develop reading habits will in the end benefit society”, an obviously elated Dennis said.

Speaking at the launch, Author Ralph urged everyone to overcome the common practice of procrastination and work hard to realize their dreams. He praised Dennis Mann for his desire, determination, and hard work.

Twenty-four more young writers are expected to be trained and published.

This is part of the silver anniversary celebrations of Relevant Achievers Impacting Nations, a mission-based organization headed by Ralph Antwi, author of over fifty books.

Dennis Mann aims to get a copy of Mr. Pee Pee to every home and to support less privileged children.

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