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Celebrated Ghanaian actor, Majid Michel has explained that although he is an Evangelist, he does not like the idea of going to church regularly.

According to him, he hates the fact that he needs to wake up every morning trying hard to get dressed for church.

In a conversation with Fiifi Folson on Joy FM, Majid Michel, who has taken the arduous task of becoming an Evangelist, said he never sees himself as a churchgoer because since childhood he never understood why he needs to be in church and has never enjoyed it.

“I’ve never enjoyed going to church.” I don’t go to church because I despise getting out of bed in the morning. My siblings have teased me about it since I was a child. [While] in church, I said to my mother, ‘Mum, I want to eat bread and eggs.’ It’s too early for me, and I’ve never enjoyed church in my life, and I still don’t.”

Majid Michel also added that he never understood the teachings in church and that gave him every reason not to be in church as regularly as he should.

“My problem was that I never understood what they were teaching, and this was the source of my hunger as I grew older.” I knew who God was, but I couldn’t understand the sermons and teachings I was hearing.”

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