DEKALB County, Ga. (CBS460 — Dozens of Dekalb County school bus drivers are fed up as COVID-19 cases continue to increase across the county. 

“Make me feel like my life is just as important as a teachers life or as a principal or as a superintendent,” said a frustrated bus driver. 

According to a news tip sent to the CBS46 Newsroom “35 DeKalb County bus drivers out of 100 were no-shows” on Friday, September 10, uniting for a sick-out.

“The county as a whole needs to do better with keeping up with the Covid cases and making us aware and not keeping everything under the rug” the driver went on to say, “and then you know if somebody gets sick or if a child gets sick like I said us as bus drivers we’re always the last ones to be notified.” 

Parents posted this photo in a private Facebook group: 

Parents posted this photo in a private Facebook group:

One parent responded to the post that his child was not picked up this morning. Other parents are looking for ways to help tell bus drivers they’re valued.  

“Thank y’all for y’all service… thank you, thank you, thank you, and if you have to protect yourself we are with you” said parent Tarik Edmonson.

Edmonson says he just wants parents, the district, and the state to be on one accord when it comes to vaccinations and mask mandate.

“Have them go back to what they did before the kids stay home and learn… I know it’s hard but look what times we are in when people dying every day, it’s a spike, that says, more people in the hospital this time than it was the last time,” Edmonson said. 

Drivers tell CBS46 off camera that they are exhausted and looking for a solution sooner than later.

“You know these people got children and families to get home to so I can understand,” said Edmonson.

We reached out to DeKalb County School District for a response but have yet to hear anything back.

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