The General Secretary of the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP), John Boadu, has stated that the introduction of the E-Levy by the government is an innovative means of accruing more money to fund the economy.

He maintained that with time people will adjust to the deduction and that Ghanaians would see enormous economic advancement when the E-Levy takes effect.

John Boadu made the statement while addressing the media in Mankessim, prior to the training of NPP communicators in the Central Region.

The training was aimed at strengthening and sensitizing the NPP communicators on government policies to ensure effective communication to the public and also engage people in a constructive manner.

According to the NPP General Secretary, “the actual communication work is at the grounds and that having received some communication skills and other needed resources, the communicators would be able to push government’s agenda”.

Touching on the 2022 budget, John Boadu urged NPP communicators to be abreast of the E-Levy among other taxes being introduced by the government in order to be able to speak to the issues appropriately.

“If we are not very careful and if you are not able as communicators to communicate the position of government correctly, people with high-level education will even misinterpret the levy”.

The NPP General Secretary explained that “If you are bringing innovation, particularly taxes, everybody will complain just like we brought the talk tax. The NDC embarked on a series of demonstrations with the view that when they come to office, they’ll remove the talk tax, but they rather increased it. The E-Levy will see increased attention for our roads, among other developmental projects”.

John Boadu hoped NPP communicators would acquire the needed education on government’s programmes to be able to convince the Ghanaian populace about the government’s agenda.

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