Taking the Effective Living Series seat on Citi FM and Citi TV, the Senior Manager, Broker Led Corporate Distribution (Enterprise Insurance), Michael Larbi, urged Ghanaians to register for insurance policies that will cushion them during unfortunate times.

He further advised Ghanaians to insure their houses, vehicles, travels, properties, health amongst others to give them protection and financial security against unplanned loss.

Mr. Larbi entreated Ghanaians to make some financial arrangements in the area of investments, savings and insurance to fall on when death, accident or something bad hits them.

Digesting the topic, “Insurance fundamentals” on Citi TV and Citi FM, with host Bernard Avle, Mr. Larbi, shared some key insights on insurance policies that have the propensity to benefit the insurer and his/her dependents.

Be clear on the solutions you seek to protect: There should be no ambiguity about the policy you seek. Try to ask questions about the policy you want to sign up for. Be open with the insurance companies so that they will offer you the best solutions. Be sure of the insurance you are buying, so that you will have good returns when the unfortunate happens.

Full disclosure of every material of information: Disclose every piece of information to the insurance companies on your properties. Tell them everything they need to know to aid them on the charges associated with the policy you will sign onto.

Insure for value: To get the right value, avoid under-insurance by quoting figures that will not tally with premium charges. If you under insure, you will be in trouble when disaster strikes. Your insurance company will not come to your rescue when you under insure. It’s dangerous to under insure as you will be on your own to fight your own problem.

Renew your policy: Make sure you always renew your policy when it expires, don’t let it elapse. Pay your premium, and see insurance as a necessary tool for your daily living, so that in case a problem comes, you will be secured.

Watch the full interview below

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