With the prevalence of the third variant of the COVID-19 pandemic in the country, the Bureau of Public Safety is asking employers to be more vigilant with the enforcement of the safety protocols to minimise the spread of the virus on their premises.

Speaking to Citi Business News, Executive Director of the Bureau of Public Safety, Nana Yaw Akwada, stated that businesses must do all they can to ensure the safety of their staff.

“It is important that the employers and the worker unions consistently work to reduce the risk of spread in the event of case discovery at the workplace.”

“Just as the president mentioned, work from home if its possible, and employers must see to it that as much as possible they reduce the numbers and traffic at their locations, decommission biometric devices that are used for monitoring attendance and probably resort to other means. We need to remove fixtures that are likely to become spread points such as, carousels, redundant guard rails among others,” he added.

Presently Ghana has over 4,000 active cases while over 800 persons have succumbed to the virus.

As part of measures to curb a spread of the virus, President Akufo-Addo in his 26th COVID-19 update to the nation urged businesses and organisations to adopt a shift system to prevent a spread on their facilities.

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