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The EU’s disease agency has said the screening of travellers from China for Covid-19 would be “unjustified”.

On Thursday, Italy urged the rest of the EU to follow its lead and ensure Chinese arrivals were tested, and quarantined if necessary.

The US, Japan, Taiwan and India also recently announced mandatory testing, as China deals with a Covid surge.

But the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control said the surge was “not expected to impact” the EU.

Concerns were raised after Chinese authorities decided to let people travel more freely from 8 January, after almost three years of closed borders.

EU health officials held talks in Brussels on Thursday to co-ordinate any response.

The ECDC said: “The BF7 omicron variant, which is prevalent in China, is already present in Europe and failed to become dominant.

“However, we remain vigilant and will be ready to use the emergency brake if necessary.”

In the UK, a minister said the issue was “under review”.

Source: BBC

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