An actor, activist and football fan, there are so many questions and so little time.

So what does a Hollywood star have to say about life in lockdown, the NHS, Welsh independence and the proposed European Super League as well as having a university bursary named after him.

Michael Sheen spoke to BBC Wales virtually as he announced a new bursary scheme to help Welsh students go to Oxford University, if their household earns £35,000 a year or less.

Sheen said pupils in Wales should have the same opportunities as those from any other part of the UK and not be “held back” by financial barriers.

As well as a passion for the NHS and Welsh history, the Good Omens star, who had the chance to join Arsenal as a youth footballer, also spoke out amid outrage over the European Super League, breakaway league.

He said: “Football has kind of got a bit lost now really, to the money and the corporate side of it.

“So it has been encouraging to see that people have said, “absolutely not, we are not putting up with this”.’

You can watch the full interview with Michael Sheen on Wales Live at 22:35 on BBC One Wales on Tuesday 20 April.

Source: BBC

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