Funeral Biography of a father in becomes necessary when your father passes away. But the question is how do you go about writing it?

In this article, we shall look at some to write a funeral biography for your father.

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Before then, let us note some guidelines when you want to write one:

  • The biography should be short. Because when it is too long, it becomes boring.
  • Capture key things people should know about your father such as his academia, relationship, career, community services, his character, among others. Make sure you summarise these in other, not to make the bio too long.
  • Start with a bible quotation, that’s if you are a Christian, but other religions can also use a motivational quote or any quote. We shall look at examples below

Examples of Funeral biography of a father in Ghana:

Funeral biography for a father (sample, example 1)


Job 19:26-27

“And though my skin worms destroy the body, yet in my flesh shall I see God. Whom I shall see for myself and only eyes shall behold, and not another, though my reins be consumed within me.”

Mr. Kwame Nkrumah (alias Kwaku Nnua), was born in 1972 to the late Opanin Akwasi Anto and the Obaapanin Akosua Amoanimaa in the Prestea Town in Western Region.

is the ninth born of his parents.

His mom and dad did everything possible to take good care of him, and they did take care of him from an early age to the age of 5 years.

In which his dad got sick which prevented him from going to school but his mom Amoanimaa tried very hard taking care of his son to school even if his dad is sick but since the children were many, it came to a point where his mother’s health deteriorated. As a result of this, Kwame Nkrumah was not able to continue his education to a very good standard.

During Kwame Nkrumah’s childhood, he was known to be a good child who really takes errands from people. No matter who sends him, he will do his best to get the task done.

The people in New Aboye and its environment took a very good liking to Kwamena or because of how he run errands for people.

Because of this good behaviour, at the age of twelve, he met a man named Papa Karleem.

This man took him as his own child and son to live with him, the man was a good driver who took with the intention of teaching him how to drive in New Aboye.

During those days, they drove Trotro from New Aboye to Bogoso, Prestea and it environs.

For many years under the training of this good man, and because Kwamena was a very good and humble boy, the man didn’t leave Kwamena alone in New Aboye when he was migrating out of town to Kumasi. Instead, he took him to Kumasi to continue his training in driving.

It reached a time the man got to realize Kwamena has got to know driving, so he told Kwamena that and I quote, “My son I have seen you can drive a car now and you can also live your own life now so I leave you alone to go live your life and continue the driving”

In year after receiving blessings from his master, continued his driving profession in Kumasi and its environs for a while but because of life struggles he decided to relocate to a town named Buabeng in Upper Denkyira East with woman named Nana Yaa or Maame Owusuwaa to stay together to do farming.

In those times he met a lady called Afia and they fell in love. It was this woman with whom he stayed with and gave birth to two kids, during the child birth he even got blessed with twins, but because he was a driver he moved from Buabeng to continue his life in another town called Bamfere where he met another woman called sister Kwakyewaa.

Again, the driving required him to move to Accra. In doing so, he moved with Sister Kwakyewaa to Accra, it was in those times that Metro Mass was newly in town, this woman supported my father to get a driving position in Metro mass or Kuffour bus in Accra.

They had a child called Michael Nkrumah. My father went back to his hometown in Wasa Adeɜmmra and Wasa Agyapa, he tried his possible best in life at Wasa Adeɜmmra, and he went back to Kumasi where he met two ladies in his life again and had an affair with them. The name of the women are are Naomi and Ama Serwaah he had a baby with each of them called Esther Nkrumah and Benedicta Nkrumah.

Because of that Kwamena came back again with the intention of staying in his hometown at Gyapa where he had a cold store.

But because life is full of misfortunes, he has some trying times which rendered him broke.

But he didn’t give up, and because was someone who was a driver and was able to drive any car, there was no car my father couldn’t drive, he went back to Yamfere where he got an opportunity in mines with the name Arm’s Mining company where he was given a driving position which he took workers to and fro every time in mines.

After working at the mines for so many years, there came a time when he resigned and moved back to Kumasi.

is someone who drives varieties of cars except airplanes or planes that we the family did not see him driving, in the family he loved all his brothers and sisters children, he saw his sibling’s children as his kids he pampers them a lot especially if someone wants to take advantage of them or threatening them. My father was a thick, tall man who uses his strength and vigour to take care of the family especially if someone was taking advantage of them.

He Pampers and treats his family well, he pampers and love his children and was a good father to them. He was very good to his nieces and nephews too, he laughs and plays with them every time.

My father was a very hardworking man, he never feels lazy about any job as soon as hears any job opportunities he makes sure he is available to do it, although he didn’t go to school he made sure to take care of his children education or reach a level they are supposed to get.

In all my dad had five children with their names Reverend Emmanuel Owusu, Linda Owusu, Michael Nkrumah, Benedicta Nkrumah and Esther Nkrumah. This is the children my dad left behind. This is all we can say about our son Kwamena or Kwaku Nnua. Papa sorry sorry for misfortunes (dwie dwie ne amanehuno) God should place you in the bosom of Abraham till we meet again! Amen

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