GNPC at the time of communicating to the public knew that its intention was to assign the interest to a company called Jubilee Oil Holdings, registered in the Cayman Islands, with Dr K.K. Sarpong and Mr. Freddie W. Blay as directors. ACEP’s search has not yet ascertained beneficial owners of Jubilee Oil Holdings. It is important to note that the representation of the CEO and Board Chair of GNPC, with their names in the General Registry of Cayman Islands, is not enough proof that GNPC is the owner of the Jubilee Oil Holdings.


Anadarko Offshore incorporated JOHL with its own directors. At the time of the sale and purchase, the Corporation was required to nominate two directors to take over after the transfer was effected. The Board of Directors of the Corporation therefore nominated the Board Chairman, Honourable Freddie Blay, and the Chief Executive Officer, Dr. K.K. Sarpong, as initial Board directors to replace the directors of JOHL appointed by Anadarko.

The Corporation holds one hundred percent of the shares in JOHL. The beneficial ownership of JOHL can be ascertained by conducting a general search with the Cayman Islands Registry. Further, the Share Purchase Agreement entered into on 13th October 2021, between Anadarko Offshore and Ghana National Petroleum Corporation show that the shares of JOHL belong to the Corporation as the Buyer.


The PRMA, since its inception, has suffered many accountability challenges. But for any revenue to be encumbered outside the express dictate of the law will be the final nail in the coffin of the Act, a precedent that will undermine the very existence of the Act. There is no individual, institution or authority clothed with the power to appropriate petroleum revenue outside the PRMA, even if the act can be justified as necessary.


The Corporation has always operated within the remit of the laws and regulations of the Petroleum Industry, including the Petroleum Revenue Management Act, as amended, and has no intention of doing otherwise. JOHL was duly incorporated under the law of the Cayman Islands by Anadarko Offshore in line with the legal framework under the governing petroleum agreements. The Corporation is in the process of registering JOHL as an external company in line with Ghanaian law.

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