The Ministry of Communications and Digitalization has disclosed that government has advanced processes to settle on a company that will manage the country’s Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) platform.

The move which is in conformity with the International Telecommunications Union requirements will ensure effective and efficient collection of TV license through the use of technology.

Government has already seen the completion of the necessary infrastructure that will be used by the company for the migration with the establishment of the Central Digital Transmission Company Limited.

K-NET which helped in the migration from analogue to digital transmission has been managing the platform on behalf of government since the completion of the platform some years back.


In an interview with Citi Business News during the handing over of an office space for the Central Digital Transmission Company Limited,  by K-NET Limited to the Ministry for Communications and Digitalisation, sector minister, Ursula Owusu Ekuful explained the progress made so far.

“Being here at the handing over of the office space for the Central Digital Transmission Company Limited is just one more step in our journey to switch from analogue to digital transmission. We are almost there”.

She explained that government will not interfere in the management of the DTT platform but will leave its operations to the company that will be put in charge of it.

“As you are aware the Ministry of Communications and Digitalisation will not be managing the DTT platform for transmitting media content in the country. The digital migration policy that has been approved by cabinet mandates that we set up a company to come and manage this on our joint behalf, and we are in the process of identifying the personnel that will do it”.

“If it hadn’t been COVID-19 and the challenges that we faced last year, we would have been long past this stage, and so I am very grateful to K-NET limited for not only building the DTT platform, managing and operating it on behalf of the industry so far, but they have also undertaken and delivered the new offices that we are commissioning. And this also shows that if we equip our local service providers they will also be able to deliver world-class infrastructure which serves us well and can beat and match anything of comparable nature around the world, so I’m grateful that government using its purchasing power has also empowered a local company”.

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