There is heavy vehicular traffic on the Kasoa-Mallam Junction highway due to heavy silt that has buried portions of the road.

The silt was washed downhill unto the roads following a downpour on Thursday night.

Citi News’ Caleb Kudah reported that the situation has made it very difficult for vehicles moving from Kasoa towards Lapaz to drive smoothly.

Some vehicles have also been trapped in the mud since Thursday night.

The 7.2 kilometre long Kasoa Brigade mosque to West Hills Mall journey which should take less than 10 minutes will take nearly 35 minutes due to the situation.

The phenomenon of mud taking over that portion of the road is not new as it happens anytime it rains.

Some drivers who spoke to Citi News said there is the need for the police to come in to block that section of the road because of the danger and an alternative route provided.

“It was raining very heavily yesterday [Thursday]. You couldn’t see anything because all the street lights were off and we saw a whole flood and within a flash it went into the car and we couldn’t move. This problem happens almost every time and there is a very simple solution. When it rains, they should block the road so that nobody will pass here because it is a real danger here. We will not want people to have this experience,” a driver said.

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