PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) — Gritty has saved Christmas for a South Philadelphia couple.

A homemade holiday wreath made to look like the Flyers mascot was recently stolen from Dan Jackson and Tim Popp’s door.

“When (Dan) hung it, I said to him, I was pretty concerned. It was so unique and so lovely, it was going to be stolen,” Popp told Action News last week.

“I don’t think you can put something so beautiful in the world and not expect something to happen,” Jackson said, as Popp laughed at the remark.

Gritty however found it no laughing matter.

The mascot got involved and posted a message on social media to the South Philly Grinch, “If you don’t return the wreath, I will look for you, I will find you, and I will cake you.”

While the original wreath has not been located, Gritty – dressed as Gritty Claus – surprised the couple with a new one.

“Just saved Christmas, u?” Gritty tweeted Wednesday afternoon, along with a photo of three holding a new giant wreath, also in the mascot’s likeness.

Gritty also posted videos of the holiday surprise.

Jackson told Action News it took about two hours to make his original Gritty wreath and it was the centerpiece of the family’s door decoration.

Despite being victims of the holiday heist, the couple still wanted to share merry wishes to the culprit.

“We hope they enjoy the Gritty on their door. We hope it invites and welcomes their friends and family,” Popp said.

Jackson and Popp now have a giant Gritty wreath to celebrate the holidays.

They also have another Gritty wreath they made after the first one was stolen, complete with a theft deterrent. It falls apart if someone takes it down from their door.


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