NATICK (CBS) — Natick Public Schools said a fire that occurred during dismissal on Friday was intentionally set by a student. The fire was located in the boys’ locker room and it was quickly extinguished.

The building was evacuated and Natick firefighters responded.

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About 50 students and staff were in the building at the time.

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“We are investigating this event for what it is – a fire that was deliberately set by a member of our student body putting everyone at risk. The police are conducting a complete investigation for possible criminal charges,” said a statement from Superintendent Anna Nolin.

“We are furious and very disappointed. We are a strong and vibrant community that looks out for one another. After two very long years of isolation, we are determined to reclaim our culture of togetherness, safety and respect. Acts like this will not be tolerated. We will hold the students who set this fire fully accountable.”

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Anyone who has information about the event should report it on the police anonymous tip line.

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