Under the current roadmap to ease lockdown in England, you are already allowed to meet up outside with someone who is not in your household. You can have a takeaway drink with them, but you must maintain social distancing, which means no hugging or kissing.

From 12 April, you will be able to go to a restaurant or pub with someone from a different household as long as you sit outside, but you will probably still have to maintain social distancing, which again means keeping two metres apart.

From 17 May at the earliest, you will be able to spend time indoors with people from another household, or sit with them inside a pub or restaurant. Overnight stays should be allowed with people not in your household or support bubble.

The government says it will review all social distancing measures ahead of step four of its roadmap out of lockdown (which is due to come into force on 21 June at the earliest).

If two adults both live alone, then they can choose to form an exclusive support bubble with each other, which would mean they would not have to socially distance and could spend time in each other’s homes, including overnight.

An adult who lives with other adults can form a bubble, but only if their housemates have not already formed their own bubbles with other people.

You can only be in one bubble at a time. If you decide to change your support bubble, you should wait a minimum of 10 days before forming a new bubble with someone else.

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