Gospel singer, Justina Syokau has spoken out about her dancing abilities and denied claims that she twerks in her videos.
The Twendi Twendi hitmaker emphasized that she is saved, as is everything in her body, because even if she wanted to, Jesus would not allow her to twerk.
The gospel minister entertained people with her new music and life story during an interview with Amina Abdi Rabar on The Trend show.

“I don’t twerk. I think people twerk with hype. Most of them do it with deras, because they are loose. But mine you see it is intact, even if I want to Twerk, it cannot Twerk. It can’t shake. I am born again, even my thing is born again, everything with me here is born again,” she said.

Justina went on to say that she shakes everything in her body for Jesus because it’s biblical, and that people should know she’s an original Kamba queen, and that’s how most of her tribe dances.

Watch the video below: 

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