The prime suspect in the killing of the Aeronautic Engineer with African World Airline (AWA) has admitted committing the act.

Prince Kwabena Kumi was gruesomely killed in April 2018 when he was visiting his family house at Akim Asuboa near Akim Oda.

Joseph Kwasi Effah alias Kwasi Tailor told the police he mistakenly shot Kwabena Kumi with a locally manufactured single barrel gun after he mistook him for a pig in the bush.

“Suspect Joseph Kwasi Effah Kwasi Tailor admitted having shot and killed the late Kwabena Kumi with his locally made single barrel gun. He stated further that on 1/4/2018 at about 0135 hours, they went to Dabiso junction, but he heard the sound of a pig in a nearby bush where he shot at the direction, but he later discovered having shot a human being,” a situational report from the Akim Oda Divisional CID said.

When the story of the killing first emerged, the family of the deceased accused police at Akroso of having a hand in the death of the engineer.

The family claimed the deceased was prevented from boarding any other vehicle after his car was seized by the police after they claimed he was drunk.

The police however maintained that Kwabena Kumi used some form of public transport and arrived at his destination before he was found dead.

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