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Celebrated Ghanaian Highlife legend and prolific songwriter, Abrantie Amakye Dede has revealed for the first time that it took him 8 solid years to finish with the production of his timeless music piece dubbed “Iron Boy”.

He remarked on Joy FM’s Super Morning Show that recording the song was difficult because he couldn’t decide on a specific tune for the musical piece.

He also mentioned that when recording “Iron Boy,” he had to take a lot of breaks to work on other tracks.

In his own words;

“It took me about eight years to finish this song. I started with some rhythms, but it wasn’t good for me till I did it with a reggae tune,”

“It was giving me so much headache, so when I record a little, then I put it down and forget about it and do other songs until I got it right,”

Evergreen “Iron Boy” song was released in 1998. As of 2021, it still enjoys a lot of both radio and TV airplay because the lyrics still resonate with today’s happenings.

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