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Controversial Ghanaian counsellor George Lutterodt has surfaced again with yet another contentious remark aimed at eliciting reactions from Ghanaians and becoming the talk of the town.

In a latest TV interview conducted on Wontumi TV, the self-styled relationship expert said he wants his sex tape to be leaked so Ghanaians know how good he is in bed.

“I want someone to record my sex tape. It will give me more clients because I know how good I am in bed,” he said on Wontumi TV.

Turning his attention to prostitutes, Counsellor Lutterodt noted that God has blessed all prostitutes and for that reason, they meet noble men who make them prosper whilst plying their trade.

The controversial counsellor, therefore, slammed women who sleep with men and broadcast it to the world by describing them as “witches”.

“Anyone woman who practices prostitution and talks about the men she sleeps with is practising witchcraft and every man, who talks about sleeping with other women is a fool,” he said.

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