I'm not giving up on Ruby - Powder guy

Powder guy one of the participants of TV3’s Date Rush show has broken his silence on his now failed relationship with Ruby.

During their time on the show, Ruby decided to choose Powderguy amongst all the guys who were available to possibly start a relationship with.

Few months down the line, Ruby took to her Twitter handle to launch an allegation on Powderguy including tagging him as a cheat.

Well, Powderguy has granted an exclusive interview to Ghpage TV’s Rashad and has told his side of the story.

According to him, everything between him and Ruby has been going smoothly until one day when Ruby decided to visit him but he was unavailable when she came over to his place.

He added that since then all attempts to speak with her has proved futile as she stopped answering his calls and responding to his texts only for him to read the post of their breakup on social media.

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On how his family and friends saw his relationship with Ruby, he answered that he had already informed his parents he would be going on the show so it didn’t come as a surprise to them.

Powederguy went on to explain that after he had chosen Ruby who kept her rush on since he came on the show his father called him and cautioned him because her big backside might cause a problem someday.

Shedding more lights on his current relationship with Ruby after the breakup, he revealed that though she has called the relationship off, he is not backing off and would still push to get them back together.

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