KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) — Members of a local synagogue are without a place to worship during Chanukah. Chabad on the Plaza says someone broke into their building this week.

“It really goes against the moral fabric of our nation and this is a wonderful city, an amazing city,” said the synagogue’s rabbi Yitzchak Itkin. “For something to happen it’s a disgrace.”

There’s water damage to classrooms, paperwork thrown across offices and missing copper pipes and wires.

“They’ve had time to go through literally every inch of the space,” Itkin said. “A time when there is so much light being added to the world, to have some of that light taken off and this place made a little dark, it hurts a little bit.”

When the rabbi noticed the mess Wednesday morning before Torah classes, he ran to the arch where they keep the Torah.

“We’re extremely thankful that it wasn’t taken,” he said. “They clearly opened it and saw it wasn’t of value to them and left it.”

During this time of Chanukah Itkin is asking for more light, not less.

“We really hope that anyone seeing this or anyone that know somebody that could use a hand and a little bit of light, to give it to them,” Itkin said. “Bring some light into this world. Do something. We can’t fight darkness with a broom, we can fight darkness with light and that’s the best thing we can do.”

The synagogue is raising money to find a new location.


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