Failure of investigators to produce evidence in court in the matter of the alleged killing of an 11 year old for ritual purposes, has forced a Kaneshie Magistrate court to adjourn hearing to Monday.

The court presided over by Rosemond Dodua Agyiri, said it could not continue the indictment proceedings unless the investigators were present in court.

A representative of the attorney general told the court the investigator was on his way with the exhibits and prayed the court to allow sometime for the exhibits to be brought to court so the case proceeds.

Her worship Rosemond Agyiri refused to grant the request because in her estimation the case had already delayed by an hour.

She warned she would not tolerate any further excuses in the matter, adjourning to Monday, August 16 at 11:10am.

She directed the prosecution to by the next date, take photographs of the exhibits in their custody and present in court, in order to deal with the challenge of transporting physical implements to the court.

The AG’s representative however told the court it is ready for the indictment processes to continue leading to a committal.

The accused person (Nicholas Kini) and the juvenile (Felix Nyarko) told the court through an interpreter, that they had been served with the bill of indictment.

By Komla Adom||Ghana

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