KANSAS CITY METRO (KCTV) — Gasoline prices in and around Kansas City are as much as 10 cents higher, on average, than they were last week, and experts expect that number to continue to rise.

The average gallon of gas in Kansas City, MO, is $2.96, 10 cents higher than last week. In Kansas City, KS, the average gallon of gas costs $2.97, 3 cents more expensive than last week, according to numbers released Thursday by the American Automobile Association.

Missouri gas prices, on average, have risen 7 cents in the past week, to a current cost of $2.94 a gallon. Missouri is the fifth least expensive state for gas right now, only trailing Texas, Mississippi, Arkansas and Oklahoma, AAA says.

Kansas’ average stands at $2.96, 3 cents more expensive than a week ago. Kansas is the eighth least expensive state for gas right now.

The national average stands at $3.24 a gallon.

Information released by AAA states:

Recent jumps in pump prices, both nationally and in Missouri, come as U.S. crude oil traded at its highest price since November 2014 this week. With the announcement that OPEC+ countries will stick to a modest increase in oil production, crude oil prices could continue to climb.

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