ST. LOUIS ( — One man’s cross-country bike ride brings him to St. Louis for a stop in what he calls “The Organ Trail” to visit the man who inspired him to donate his kidney.

From Madison, Wisconsin to here in St. Louis all the way to Louisiana, Mark Scotch is biking 1,500 miles to raise awareness for kidney donations.

“That’s what triggered me,” Scotch said. “It’s like we need to spread this around a little bit and that’s when it turned into Organ Trail.”

Today St. Louis University hospital welcomed the 64-year-old marathon cyclist as he marked 500 miles. He expects to make it to Louisiana my May 15.

Scotch said he was inspired to donate his own kidney by a longtime friend he made in Louisiana. Scotch said  he was shocked to discover that 13 people die every day in the U.S. awaiting a kidney transplant.

Click here to follow his journey.

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