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The Rockstar Kuami Eugene has replied to Kidi – his label mate- over his recent comments about him in an interview granted.

Kidi in a one-on-one convo with Hitz FM’s Doreen Avio Kuame stated that Eugene lacks communication skills. Thus properly communicate to people.

According to the ‘Gyal dem Sugar’ (Kidi) his label mate talks anyhow to others including him, his closest pal in the music scene.

“As for Kuami, he does not know how to communicate. I won’t lie to you. Even me he speaks to me anyhow sometimes,” he told Doreen.

KiDi continued that he has become accustomed to the communication of his label mate because they are “brothers”.

Kuami Eugene in response said KiDi is entitled to his opinion. Stating that he loves KiDi as he sees him as an elder brother.

He quickly added that what Kidi says about him won’t bring any rifts as people might think.

“He is a brother, and he actually understands me more than the people out there because he is quite close to me and has every right I mean whatever we keep in our baskets or cobwebs, he comes to say it in the public “like this is what Kuami does.

“And KiDi actually comes and makes people think like he is the good one, he is the one that is always doing the good thing, he is not chasing the girls and getting people pregnant and Kuami does not talk well.

“But at the end of the day, we are still here, he is a big brother, I admire him so much. I admire the fact that he shares his opinion about me but he is the good one. He should keep being the good one”, he said.

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