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Kofi the alleged real boyfriend of Matilda (the young lady who claims to be pregnant for Dr UN) has claimed that he is the one responsible for the pregnancy and not Dr UN.

According to him in an exclusive interview with Ghpage TV, Kofi revealed that Matilda is his girlfriend because they are still dating but just having issues as it happens in any relationship.

He went on to say that the last time he slept with Matilda whom he referred to as Tilly was in April after they had gone out for a date together so if she is pregnant then it means he is the one responsible.

Kofi explained that since the video concerning the issue came out, he has been trying to find out from Tilly if she is truly pregnant and why she is pushing the pregnancy to Dr UN.

The alleged boyfriend in the interview made it clear that up until now Matilda has not been able to confirm to him if she is indeed pregnant or not.

He was reminded by the host, Rashad, that there is a saying that “it’s only a mother that knows the father of her baby”

In his response, he stated that he didn’t want to be relaxing in future only for him to be confronted with issues like this which is why he has come out to claim ownership of the baby.

Kofi went further to suggest that it’s only a DNA test that can prove who is the father of the baby and until the baby and DNA test is done, he is willing to take half of the cost until the DNA is done.

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When Kofi was prompted that Matilda in the interview revealed her virginity was broken by Dr UN he laughed it off saying he met her in 2018 and by that time she had already broken her virginity.

He concluded that as it stands now, he is confused and doesn’t know his stands and hope his girlfriend Tilly would come out to explain things to him better adding that his ex-girlfriend whom he named Sophia has been teasing him with it.

Let’s not forget that Dr UN has still not accepted the responsibility for the unborn baby despite confirming that he had a thing to do with her few months ago.

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