Conveners of the Justice for Ghana protest have reiterated the need for government to totally withdraw the 2022 budget and present a new one that addresses the concerns of all stakeholders.

This was after the police agreed for ten of them to enter the precincts of Parliament to present the petition.

Convener for the group, Bernard Monarh while presenting the petition, indicated that the concessions adopted by Parliament do not address their concerns.

“Government is not listening to Ghanaians. What we want is for the 2022 budget to be withdrawn. We want what has been presented now to be replaced with one that centres on the dreams and aspirations of Ghanaians.”

“Ghanaians have had enough hardship. We don’t want any more taxes. We want 0% MoMo tax, immediate reduction in fuel prices, immediate removal of nuisance taxes on fuel prices among others.”

The police on Wednesday morning presented an injunction granted by a High Court in Accra ordering the protesters to use a route proposed by the police and not picket at Parliament after presenting the petition as planned.

But the conveners say the police have exhibited bad faith with this move and said they will not regard a restraining order on their picketing.

Members of the group plan to pitch camp in Parliament until the budget is withdrawn.

The Justice for Ghana protest was aimed at putting pressure on Parliament to withdraw the 2022 budget which they say is not in the interest of the country.

While the government made some changes to the 2022 budget in line with the demands of the Minority, the main concerns around the e-levy were not addressed.

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