A councillor in Liverpool has apologised after reportedly calling Prince Philip a “fascist piece of inbred s**t” following his death on Friday.

Sarah Morton, who represents Labour in the city’s Clubmoor ward, fired off a foul-mouthed Facebook post soon after news broke that the Duke of Edinburgh had died aged 99, according to the Liverpool Echo.

Posting a link to an article about some of the Queen’s husband’s more offensive jokes, she wrote: “Just a list of reasons why the world is a better place without this fascist piece of inbred s**t in it.”

She added that calling the offensive quips “gaffes” was “next level bootlicker cringe”.

But she swiftly deleted the post and apologised.

Speaking to the Echo, Ms Morton said: “They were made in anger on my personal page that is closed, it was a deeply regrettable reaction to the content of the article.

“I removed the comments soon after posting as I realised they were insensitive and could be hurtful to those who have suffered loss and I am truly sorry for that.”

And she added: “They were wrong and I should not have said this. I apologise for the offence caused by my comments.”

The Independent has contacted Ms Morton for comment.

It is not the first time the councillor has courted controversy with her social media outbursts.

Last summer, she used Facebook to attack her own party leader, Sir Keir Starmer, because she believed he had tried to take credit for the government’s now notorious U-turn on school exam results.

Suggesting the victory belonged to campaigning students, Ms Morton told her leader: “Wind your neck in you brylcreemed s***ehawk.”

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