Some long-distance commercial bus drivers operating in Accra want the government to reopen the country’s land borders to enable them to resume operations.

They lament that since land borders were closed in March 2020 as part of efforts to curtail the spread of COVID-19 in Ghana, their businesses have grounded to a halt, leaving them in a dire financial situation.

The drivers, who ply international routes such as Accra to Lagos, Accra to Benin, Accra to Burkina Faso, Accra to Lome, and Accra to Abidjan, believe it is time to reopen the land borders to save them from their situation.

Some of the drivers who spoke to Citi News said they are forced to use illegal routes to enter into neighboring countries.

“Our business has collapsed because they have closed the borders. It hasn’t been easy for us. I came back from Nigeria about five days ago… I am a driver, and I took the illegal route, managed through by pleading with officials on my journey. I pray that the government considers our plight and opens the borders.”

Another driver also said, “we are international drivers and this is our job. Since the borders have been closed how do we feed our families.”

Some other drivers told Citi News they have nothing to do and would often only come to the bus terminal and chat to while away time.

“It is affecting us financially. Our cars have been covered everywhere, and there’s no money. If the borders were opened, we would have been working and things would have been fine,” another driver said.

Some drivers who opened up to Citi News revealed that some travelers regularly go through perilous situations including crawling under barbwires and in the dark to get to neighboring countries.

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