ATLANTA (CBS46) — A McDonalds’ customer said she feared for her life when an employee apparently pulled a handgun on her during an argument over her lack of mask wearing inside the establishment. 

Christa Burton said she visited the establishment last Sunday and before she knew it, a dispute broke out over her not wearing a mask indoors.

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“They had already served people who didn’t have a mask, plus we were not the only people in the store who didn’t have masks. So when I asked them if they had any masks back there, they started yelling at me,” Burton said.

Burton said the dispute almost turned deadly after she asked to have a mask to comply with the store policy.

“The manager came from behind her work station and she slapped my phone out my hand and when I went to pick it up and I turned around she had a nine millimeter handgun and she proceeded to act like she was going to hit me with it,” Burton said.

Burton told CBS46 she filed a police report with DeKalb County Police and is looking to press charges against the McDonald’s employee.

DeKalb Police told CBS46 that even though Burton did report it to police, she was encouraged to apply for a civilian warrant in the Magistrate Court, which as of Wednesday, she has not.

No arrests have been made in this case and a warrant has not been issued at this time, but investigators confirm they have video of the incident.

As far as the case? DeKalb police say that stands on whether Burton will file for the warrant herself.

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