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Gambian actress Princess Shyngle believes men who have crossed the 35-year age mark but are unmarried need to be questioned and critically assessed.

According to her, no man in his right senses will decide to remain single at age 35 or above when he has what it takes to settle down with a woman.

In an interesting Instagram post, Princess Shyngle said such men could be bisexuals especially if they have multiple partners and are constantly on the lookout for more women.

Per her assertion, these men are fond of wasting the time of women and ending up dumping them because they have male sexual partners out there.

She wrote:

Any man I repeat any man who is doing good in life, is comfortable and in 35 above but not married or never been married but is constantly changing women every minute like pants is a bisexual man and is in love with a young man somewhere.

Most of y’all are the reason there is a lot of single women out there and y’all just using women as cover ups breaking their hearts and wasting their time. Yes I said it come and beat me, start living your truth and get out of that damn closet 

Princess Shyngle has had a couple of failed marriages in recent years. Although she has said she is ready to settle down again, she has announced that she has become a bit more cautious about men.

On the back of that, she believes men who are financially stable yet unmarried by age 35 are or might be bisexuals

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