WILDWOOD, Mo. ( – Some parents in West County are standing up against school district policies.

Right now, local health departments across Missouri still have the authority to implement mask mandates and quarantine regulations. However, this is soon changing after a ruling made by a Cole County judge last week.

Parents at Lafayette High School in the Rockwood School District were emboldened to take action because of a recent ruling in mid-Missouri that makes some regulations by the Department of Health and Senior Services null and void. Currently, the district’s policy remains in place with masks required inside all buildings by staff and students.

Parents News 4 spoke with said they understand the policy remains, but they want to change it.

“If we have enough students stand up and not wear the masks then I think that would be beneficial,” said parent Fabian Marta. “I think that they would see this, okay, this is what’s going to happen, and the kids really have the power if we stand up for ourselves, we can make change.”

“And parents should have a choice if you want to send your kids to school, if you have a fear of them contracting the virus they can be protected, they can get their vaccination, they can wear their mask, but it should be a choice,” added Jessica Clark, another parent within the Rockwood School District.

After a Missouri judge ruled local health orders must be lifted, a St. Louis County Parent Association sent a letter calling for communication among the community.

News 4 asked John Ammann, Professor Emeritus SLU School of Law, who has read through the Cole County ruling, whether this applies to a school district. He responded, “The school districts have a pretty good argument that they have authority separate from those health regulations and separate from the local health authorities to do things in the best interest of the children and their district from a healthcare standpoint.”

Rockwood School District said they have talked to their attorneys and believe the school board has the authority to make policies that protect children in their district.

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