NASHVILLE (WSMV) – A Nashville mother spoke just days after two armed men entered her home and shot and killed her two teenage sons and injured other members of her family.

Two of Shakia Sherrell’s sons, Zacquez, 18, and Tavarious, 15, died as a result of the shooting. In addition, Sherrell, her daughters both ages 16 and 20 and her 13-year-old son were all shot during the robbery.

On Friday night, Metro Police responded to the 2800 block of Torbett Street. Police said two armed men entered their apartment on Torbett Street in an attempt to rob her family. Sherrell was also shot and ran immediately to help her neighbors.

NASHVILLE, TN (WSMV) – Metro Police are investigating a shooting in West Nashville that left three dead and several others injured on Friday night.

“They just took my babies, and they injured all the rest of us but one,” Sherrell said.

Sherrell said the pain and suffering she’s experiencing right now is unbearable after losing not one but two sons on the same day.

“When you saw one, you saw the other…and they both died together,” Sherrell said.

She recalled the moments after getting shot herself and running to neighbors for help.

“When I got back in the house, the first thing I noticed was my 15-year-old laying on his bedroom floor,” Sherrell said. “And you know I started applying pressure, and I yelled out ‘Is everybody, okay.’ And my 16-year-old was saying ‘I’m shot, Shakira is shot, T Willy shot.'”

Danielle Jackson interviews Shakia Sherrell

News4’s Danielle Jackson interviews Shakia Sherrell, a mother who lost two of her sons in an attempted robbery. 

Sherrell was also shot and injured. She and her 20-year-old and 16-year-old daughters and her 13-year-old son were shot multiple times but survived. She said her other son, who was just 11 years old, was not injured and hid during the shooting and called 911.

“He got shot nine times,” Sherrell said. “He got shot the most, and one of the shots in his leg actually clipped an artery, so he lost a lot of blood. He had three different sets of surgeries to work on him.”

She described both of her sons as genuinely nice and outgoing children who attended Pearl Cohn High School.

“Funny, outgoing, he loved his brothers and sisters,” Sherrell said. “And it’s a shame because when you saw him, you also saw my son Tavarious who was the 15 years old that had his life taken. And Tavarious was the protector. My 15-year-old son walked around like he was everybody’s daddy, you know.”

One of the suspects, 29-year-old Christian Johnson, died during the shooting. Police said he was a convicted robber. Police are still searching for the gunmen. She said she still doesn’t know why anyone would target her family and has this message for the community.

“I just want the world to know even though this is such a tragedy. I don’t want any street justice,” Sherrell said. “People do things for a certain reason we will never know. But I just want whomever it was to know that they really took parts of my heart for no reason.”

The family has set up a GoFundMe in hopes of receiving assistance with medical bills and housing. Click here for more.

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