NASHVILLE, TN (WSMV) – A Nashville mother held a peaceful protest on Saturday night outside of the downtown bar after her son’s death.

Last week, an autopsy report revealed 22-year-old Dallas Barrett died from asphyxia and ruled his death a homicide. Police said Barrett died after being inside of Whiskey Row on Aug. 16. 

Metro Police said Barrett was involved in an altercation with security staff on the roof that night before his death. 

Following an autopsy that showed 22-year-old Dallas Jordan Barrett was murdered at Whiskey Row on Broadway, his mother is doubting the accuracy of video provided by the bar.

“I want them to know that he was not treated properly in that bar,” Tammy Barrett said.

That’s why Dallas’ mother Tammy Barrett and a group of family and friends stood silently holding signs warning the public of what she said happened to her son inside of Whiskey Row.

“Tuesday the 16th will be the three-month anniversary,” Tammy Barrett said.

Whiskey Row recently released two more videos to show what they said led up to the altercation. The bar said the video showed Dallas Barrett turn, lunge and assault a security guard after he was asked to leave.

Clip shows Anderson walking onto the dance floor, and Barrett shoves Anderson from behind. Barrett is seen shoving a young woman dancing and then bounces into security guard A.

They said Dallas Barrett was told to exit after Barrett, in the other video, shoved his friend in the white shirt, pushes a young woman dancing and bounces into the security guard.

Clip shows as security was attempting to escort Barrett and others out, standing alone, Barrett turns, lunges, and assaults Security guard A which causes a laceration over his eye, requiring medical attention. Security attempts to restrain Barrett as the man in the yellow shirt and Anderson starts fighting with security. Due to Barrett’s large size, several security guards are needed to try and restrain him.

Saturday was not the first time Tammy Barrett and others have protested outside of the bar. She said if she could say anything to this establishment, it would be this.

A mother is raising doubts after a downtown bar recounted the moments that led to her son’s death.

While this family waits to see if there are any charges in future, Tammy Barrett said she wants to enact change on a state level.

“I do want to see charges brought against those who did what they did to him,” Tammy Barrett said. “But, I do want to push further myself for better legislation for security guards on their training they’re licensing because their just too lax about it.”

Metro police say they are still investigating.

Whiskey Row said they want more clarification on the autopsy report and referred to a previously statement released.

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