We often assume doing music is one of the best sources of generating income leading to financial stability in ones life.

The flashy lifestyle of our musicians ranging from their drips to the expensive cars and mansions they acquire makes us believe more in their wealth.

Ironically that is not the same believe one Facebook user ‘Mykotoko Fc’ also holds. He claim no Ghanaian Musician is rich as we think and all the expensive materials they possess are gifts given to them by good Samaritans.


Explaining his statement further, the Asante Supporter alleges most musicians are scammers in disguise using music to cover up the dirty act which is their real source of income.

He made this allegations in the comments section of Celebritiesbuzz after the popular blog reported ’s rating of as the richest Ghanaian musician ahead of Shatta the self acclaimed richest, .

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Music doesn’t pay well so artistes add fraud to it – Guy alleges

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