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On live radio, a mother of four revealed her evil husband, telling how he provides her with a meagre sum of GHC15.00 as housekeeping money for a five-day period.

The woman went on to say that her spouse is a serial liar and womanizer.

When she and the man were interviewed on Nhyira FM’s main program, Obra, on Wednesday, January 12, she bravely revealed this.

She went further to state that she demanded some things from him only for her husband to ask her to join him to worship idols.

Watch the video below:

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Read some reactions from listeners below:

Kwame Boateng: “In a civilized economy, this never happened…Even without education, you can get a job to depend on..You can be independent, you can pay ur rent and put food on the table..No relationship slavery…”

Golda Anambane: “I am disappointed at most of the comments here. So the woman should rather feed the family? I hope we will still receive same comments if a man comes to complain that his wife doesn’t do any household chores. African men want submission and respect from women, but fail to do the needful.”

Nana Yaw Kenzy Brains: “What a lucky wife, u are lucky oooo
Herrrrrr sister not all things have to be said on public like u will say woaw then am lucky.”

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