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Actress Tracey Boakye, who touts herself as East Legon landlady, has gone on a bragging spree disclosing how much she spent on wigs just to look rich and extravagant on social media.

Although her supposed extravagant and expensive lifestyle is pathetic and cheap to others, she doesn’t miss the chance to flaunt her wealth at the slightest opportunity.

This time, she has boasted about fake hairpieces she claims to have spent a whopping amount of money to send the signal that she’s the richest young Ghanaian lady alive.

In a chit-chat with blogger ZionFelix, Tracey made it known that her wigs alone cost approximately GHC17,000.

She explained that the wigs came in a variety of colours. Tracey Boakye, if she decides to buy something, she will do so without hesitation.

She also revealed how emotional the wig seller was after she spent so much money on her wigs.

Watch the video below

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