nana ama mcbrown and baby maxin


Actress and media personality, has taken her daughter Baby Maxin shopping where she bought a twin African Baby Doll for her.

In a photo shared on Instagram, elated Baby Maxin could be seen hugging one of her doll — it’s obvious she loves them.


The comment section of the photo is filled with hundreds of adorable comments with people praising the mother and daughter.

For years, ‘white-colored’ dolls are what we mostly see in baby shops.

But the past few years, people have raised concerns that there is a need to have diverse dolls in our various shops as a way of halting the ‘White supremacy mentality’ in most Africans.

So that African children can per se play and have fun with dolls having their skin color. To thus teach them from infancy to be proud of their skin and origin.

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