The Narcotics Control Commission has secured a court injunction to stop the airing of TV3’s “Ganja Gold” documentary which was scheduled to air Tuesday, July 20.

The commission fears the airing of the documentary could lead to anarchy in the country if not restrained by the court.

Titled “Ganja Gold, the journey towards industrial hemp production” explores the current legal regime governing the industrial production of Indian hemp and the economic potential that exist. This follows the passage of the Narcotics Control Commission Act, 2020 (Act 1019).

But the Narcotics Control Commission argues it is unlawful for the media house to show such a documentary and has thus prayed the High Court to “prohibit” TV3 and its affiliates from showing same.

According to the commission, even though the applicable law permits one to be granted a licence “to cultivate cannabis with not more than 0.3% THC content for industrial and medicinal purposes only”, the provision has not yet been enforced.

The commission maintains that the provision has widely been misconstrued by “activists, organisations and the general public and the applicant [Narcotics Control Commission] is of the strong conviction that if this documentary is allowed to air, it would deepen this misconception and same would lead to anarchy”.

“That the said documentary is seeking to promote an enterprise relating to Cannabis which is a narcotic drug or plant as such making this documentary illegal and the respondent should be prohibited from showing the said documentary”, the commission contended.

Hearing has been scheduled for Monday, July 26.

By P.D Wedam|

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