National Express: 'Muslim' passenger thrown off bus was asked to leave due to concerns over 'excess luggage'

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The National Express bus company has denied claims a Muslim man was thrown off a coach in Bristol because passengers complained that he looked “shifty”.

Two witnesses to the incident told the local Bristol Post that a pair of women at the front of the coach complained to the driver moments after the man boarded.

A student at Bristol University, told the Post she believed the complaints were clearly made because of the man’s religion, adding she “couldn’t really believe what [she] was seeing”.

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National Express confirmed the man was asked to leave the coach after boarding with a large bag containing a printer, but the company “categorically denied” the incident was in any way Islamophobic.

Screengrab of the National Express twitter account

And on Twitter, employees appeared to be trying to respond to everyone complaining about reports on the incident in person.

The company said in a statement: “The gentleman concerned boarded with excess luggage which became an issue for a number of our other customers.

“He refused to put the excess luggage in the hold when requested, was abusive towards our staff and walked out of the station.

“Our staff, who often have to make difficult decisions at short notice, remained professional throughout and are extremely upset at these serious allegations which are both unfounded and untrue.”

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