There’s a 50-yard line the separates these Alabama and UGA families’ homes.

LOGANVILLE, Ga. — We’ve all heard of neighborhood feuds with stories of people going to war over home décor or even what color paint their house can be. But for one Loganville neighborhood, that feud revolves around college football. 

Brent Howard and Brian Bell keep things peaceful. Their families are close, they go to the same church, play soccer together, and laugh almost every day.

But once fall rolls around, things get serious.

“Literally this time of year, we just split our neighborhood down the middle,” Bell said.

And, he’s not being figurative. There’s a 50-yard line that separates the Howard’s house from Bell’s home. Mascots for the University of Georgia and Alabama sit on opposite sides of the line, looking as though they’re ready to engage in war.

The Bells live and breathe Crimson Tide, while the Howards are diehard Dawgs fans. For both of them, the devotion to their teams is a bond passed down by generations.

“My dad went to Georgia, I grew up a Georgia fan,” Howard said. 

Meanwhile, Bell proudly dons a pair of Alabama overalls found by his father.

As for the mascots themselves, Bell freehand paints the six-foot figures for the yard, while Howard buys the paint and does the “fill in.”

The whole process takes about a day and once it’s up, the playfully competitive yard art attracts those from across the neighborhood.

“It’s just so much fun to be able to cut up with each other,” added Bell, insisting that the family rivalry is all in good fun…mostly.

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