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Ayisha Modi has pledged to offer a helping hand to Psalm Adjeteyfio, also known as T.T following his public outcry over rent issues in a recent interview.

The socialite under a post about the veteran actor took to the comments section on Instagram to react to the news.

Kinda sad at the turn of events in the life of Psalm, Ayisha Modi assured the ailing and troubled actor of help.

She promised to foot the rent bill of TT thus that he shouldn’t worry about his rent for the rest of his life.

She wrote amid crying emojis.; “daddy am coming, worry no more about rent for the rest of your life @kenzyofficialgh blood do something”

In other related news, the Vice President of Ghana, Dr Mahamudu Bawumia, has come to the aid of veteran Ghanaian actor Psalm Adjeteyfio.

Bawumia has paid 6 months renewable for the next 5 years (30k) for TT and has also given TT 20k for upkeep.

Despite mourning his mum who died in the early hours of today, the Vice President of Ghana has kept to his promise.

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