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President has said there will be no salary increment for him, the Vice President, and Ministers of State this year.

“I have taken the decision to freeze salary increment for this year, 2021 for myself as president, the vice president, ministers, deputy ministers, and all appointees of the executive.

“It is our modest contribution to reduce the damage to our public revenue and to help hasten our nation’s recovery from the ravages of the pandemic,” the President noted during his address on May Day.


The President said the move is part of the executive’s contribution towards the drive to rake in revenue for the state following the economic devastation caused by . Public sector workers in the country have expressed concerns over government’s claim that there is not enough money to accommodate increases in wages this year.

Meanwhile, former President has criticised government over the incremenet in taxes saying it will further burden Ghanaians.

“Incidentally, an increase in existing taxes & introduction of new ones, and which take effect from today, May Day, is leading to steep rises in the prices of fuel, food & every basic item.”

“This will worsen the plight of citizens even further. This is in addition to power outages and shortage of water in many homes, cities and municipalities.”

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