ALBANY — An investigation into a May officer-involved shooting in Albany showed that the officers’ actions were justified in the fatal wounding of the victim, who fired two shots at police officers investigating a shooting scene.

The fatal shooting of Kourtney Lashawn Warren will not be presented to a grand jury, and the case has been closed at this time, Dougherty County District Attorney Greg Edwards said in a statement sent to the media on Thursday.

“I have received and reviewed the findings of the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, and in conjunction with related information I have gathered, I have determined that this instance of an officer-involved use of deadly force does not involve any criminal liability on the part of the officers and does not require considering investigation by the grand jury for further investigative purposes,” the district attorney said in the statement.

Warren was located at the scene of a shooting on May 21 on Mercer Avenue and was armed with a handgun, the statement said. The Albany Police Department was investigating the shooting of Johnathan Jefferson at that location while paramedics were on the scene just after midnight.

The investigation showed that, initially complying with officers’ orders to place his gun on the ground, Warren picked it up and fired two shots at the officers. At that time Officer Christopher Oakes fired one shot from a shotgun, striking Warren.

Warren fell to the ground, the statement said, and as he attempted to get up he moved the hand in which he was still holding the handgun. Officer Larry Jones then fired four shots and Officer Larry Hart fired two rounds, and Warren was struck by multiple bullets.

He was later pronounced dead at Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital.

Edwards’ office reviewed police records, audio and video recordings, telephone records, statements from witnesses and officers’ statements in the case, the statement said.

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