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Rising Kumasi-based music group popularly known as ‘Asakaa Boys’ has expressed worry over the treatment meted out to them by some event organizers.

In an interview on Pure FM, the music group explained that they are disrespected by event organizers because they are from Kumasi.

According to the music group, event organizers in Accra treat them with disrespect.

They recounted an experience where an event organizer contacted them for a show in Accra for free in exchange for flight tickets.

The fast-rising group felt disrespected by the offer and had no option but to turn down the offer.

“It is not that we are proud or we don’t involve ourselves much but the truth is, some of the event organizers especially those in Accra do not respect us. Can you believe we were once contacted to play a show in Accra for free in exchange for a flight experience? How? The disrespect you know.

They think because we are from Kumasi, we are cheap so they can use us anyway they want. But we have families to feed, we invested our time and resources in our craft. They look down on us, they go like they are Kumasi people so we can use them for condemn. But they forget that they didn’t make us, we are legends on our own”, the group stated.

The Kumerica boys are made up of nine young and vibrant rappers like Reggie, Jay Bahd, O’Kenneth, Bra Benk, Sean Lifer, Kwaku DMC, City Boy, Kawabanga etc and they are all signed to the Life Living Record Label.

They became a household name after their first hit single ‘Akatafoo’ went viral home and abroad.

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